Invest with Georgetown

Interest rates have yet to recover since they crashed during the global financial crisis. For those who have spare capital after budgeting for possible unexpected expenditures, investing it wisely could mean enjoying returns far above the interest rates banks offer on savings accounts. However, there is inherent risk with all forms of investment and investing without professional guidance may at best mean your money isn’t meeting its full potential, or at worst lead to a very costly mistake.

What do we offer?

Our advice to you regarding investing is not simply “with X amount of money, we suggest investing here…” The sheer number of factors that must be considered before investing make a one-size-fits-all policy inappropriate. The investment advice we offer takes full account of all aspects of your personal situation. We will analyse factors such as your attitude for risk-taking, the time frame you are willing to invest your capital for, what exactly you are looking to achieve, and how accessible you need the money to be.

However, regardless of your specific context we maintain that there are certain approaches to investment that should always remain the same. Firstly, your capital will be invested in the most tax-efficient way possible ensuring that more of the money you have earned actually gets to you. Moreover, we believe the only way to properly manage your investments is to take an ongoing and adaptive approach. Your investments will be tracked closely and will receive an annual review in the form of a face to face meeting. Naturally due to the unavoidable risk in investing capital we cannot guarantee positive returns, and be wary of those that do, but you can be sure that we will do everything we can to make sure you beat the bank and make the most of your spare capital.

The value of your investments can go down as well as up, so you could get back less than you invested.

What is the next step?

The first step is to get in contact with our Glasgow office to arrange a meeting with our Senior financial adviser Paul Angell. Following on from this, your financial situation along with your needs and goals will be examined and considered. Finally, the investment opportunities we deem to be most appropriate and attractive for you will be outlined and explained in an easily understandable manner for your consideration.

Client Feedback

I initially invested a modest sum from my deposit savings with Paul as I was disappointed with the returns from my bank. Ever since, Paul & I meet for an annual review and being delighted with the growth I have made to date, I frequently invest more of my capital.

Mr Love, Glasgow