Pension Transfers

Pension Transfer Advice

Transferring out of a guaranteed pension with all its security and benefits is not a decision that should be undertaken without advice from industry professionals. The shift in legislation regarding Defined Benefit Pension Transfers in particular (sometimes referred to as Final Salary Pension Transfers) has radically changed over recent years. The April 2014 budget, which became effective in April 2015, specifically with the Pension Freedoms it introduced, has given the public much more control over their pension. Yet these changes have simultaneously introduced new scope for those who are not well-versed in the process to make irreversible mistakes. Taking sound advice about your own personal situation is the safest option for undertaking such an important financial decision. Our advisers can offer professional, honest, and perhaps most importantly, impartial advice on what steps are best for you.


What is a pension transfer?

A pension transfer involves trading your existing pension scheme fund into another pension product. Once concluded, the capital can then be re-invested into a range of financial investments of your choosing.

Do I need to take advice?

If your pension assets are worth more than £30,000 then it is a legal requirement that you must receive professional and regulated advice before your provider allows the transfer to go ahead.

Why Choose Us?

Here at Georgetown Wealth Management our attitude towards business is very much centred on customer service. We know that a client-based business is built on solid relationships and that treating those who choose to do business with us well is the best way of achieving this. As far as we are concerned your interests are our interests, and we look forward to working together to establish exactly what they are. Any plan we suggest as a way to move your finances in a positive direction will take full account of your own personal circumstances and objectives. It will facilitate not only your financial goals but will also be mindful of your disposition and needs.

If you are considering transferring or reviewing your Defined Benefit Pension, organise a free and zero-obligation face to face consultation with Georgetown Wealth Management.

Client Feedback

When I was due to retire, Georgetown Wealth Management helped me to pull together all of my various pension funds from my previous employers to then provide me with a much higher tax free lump sum than I was entitled to beforehand, which I can draw down when it suits my purposes.

Mr Sinclair, Troon