Invest with Georgetown

Interest rates have yet to recover since they crashed during the global financial crisis. For those who have spare capital after budgeting for possible unexpected expenditures, investing it wisely could mean enjoying returns far above the interest rates banks offer on savings accounts. However, there is inherent risk with all forms of investment and investing without professional guidance may at best mean your money isn’t meeting its full potential, or at worst lead to a very costly mistake.

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Investing your Bank Deposit Savings

Whether you are disappointed with the interest you are currently receiving on your savings and would like to invest it to try and achieve a better return, or perhaps have recently come into money such as an inheritance or lump sum from your pension scheme that you would like to invest for either capital growth or income, we can work with you to set up a suitable plan for your objectives and budget.

Reviewing your Existing Investments

You may already own investment products such as a Stocks & Shares ISA or Investment Bond but aren’t sure if they are still performing well and match your risk profile. We can review your current arrangements and advise you on whether they are still fit for purpose, or whether there maybe a better solution to suit your objectives and budget.

Ongoing Management

When you become a client of Georgetown Wealth Management, whether we have either set you up with a new investment portfolio or simply taken over the ongoing advice on your existing investments, we will meet you at least annually to conduct a full review of any plans that we look after for you. At the meeting we will re-discuss your budget, financial goals and objectives, attitude to risk, and performance of your investments. The meeting is followed up by a written report setting out the results of the review and confirming any changes to be made.

What’s Next?

The first step is to get in contact with our Glasgow office to arrange a meeting with our Senior financial adviser Paul Angell. Following on from this, your financial situation along with your needs and goals will be examined and considered. Finally, the investment opportunities we deem to be most appropriate and attractive for you will be outlined and explained in an easily understandable manner for your consideration.

Client Feedback

I initially invested a modest sum from my deposit savings with Paul as I was disappointed with the returns from my bank. Ever since, Paul & I meet for an annual review and being delighted with the growth I have made to date, I frequently invest more of my capital.

Mr Love, Glasgow