Pension Advice



It’s never too early to start paying into a pension. If it’s something you are considering for the first time, we can work with you to set up a new plan to suit your objectives and budget.

It’s very rare any longer that you can say “it’s a job for life”, and you may have several pension plans from previous jobs you are considering to consolidate. We can take the pain out of it for you by writing off to obtain all of the details, and advise you on the best way forward to meet your objectives.

At Retirement

Upon approaching retirement, you may have several different pension plans you have paid into throughout your working career. We can help ease the hassle for you by writing off to obtain all of the details, and advise you on how to structure your plans to help address your capital and income requirements from your retirement date onwards.

Should some (or all) of your existing pension products be unsuitable for your objectives, we can research the market to find a more suitable product to transfer into instead.

Ongoing Management

Whether pre-retirement or post-retirement, we will meet you at lease annually to conduct a full review of any plans that we put in place for you. At the meeting we will re-discuss your budget, financial goals and objectives, attitude to risk and performance of your investments. The meeting is followed up by a written report setting out the results of the review and confirming any changes to be made.

Why Choose Us?

Here at Georgetown Wealth Management, our attitude towards business is very much centred on customer service. We know that a client-based business is built on solid relationships and that treating those who choose to do business with us well is the best way of achieving this. As far as we are concerned your interests are our interests, and we look forward to working together to establish exactly what they are. Any plan we suggest as a way to move your finances in a positive direction will take full account of your own personal circumstances and objectives. It will facilitate not only your financial goals but will also be mindful of your disposition and needs.

Client Feedback

When I was due to retire, Georgetown Wealth Management helped me to pull together all of my various pension funds from my previous employers to then provide me with a much higher tax free lump sum than I was entitled to beforehand, which I can draw down when it suits my purposes.

Mr Sinclair, Troon