Personal Protection

Life Insurance, Critical Illness and Income Protection

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Looking to Set Up a New Policy

Your financial circumstances may have changed recently for which you have become concerned you do not have sufficient protection in place, whether you’ve taken on a new mortgage, you’ve started a family, or perhaps just realised you have no cover in place to bury you. Whatever the reasons, we can discuss your objectives in more detail, and work with you to put plans in place to address them.

Reviewing your Existing Policies

You may already have protection plans in place for life cover, Critical Illness, Income Protection etc. but haven’t reviewed them for a while to ensure they are still fit for purpose. We can review your current arrangements and advise you on whether they are still appropriate for your circumstances, or whether there might a better solution to suit your objectives and budget.

What’s Next?

The first step is to get in contact with our Glasgow office to arrange a meeting with our Senior financial adviser Paul Angell. Following on from this, your financial situation along with your needs and goals will be examined and considered.

Client Feedback

I initially invested a modest sum from my deposit savings with Paul as I was disappointed with the returns from my bank. Ever since, Paul & I meet for an annual review and being delighted with the growth I have made to date, I frequently invest more of my capital.

Mr Love, Glasgow